Cat Reactions and what they mean

Telling the exact feelings of a cat is not easy because they are good at hiding their emotions. Yet, getting to know what different actions mean can come in handy when dealing with your cat. To accomplish this end, you need to learn its body language and this is not as difficult as most people make it out to be. The following are some of the common reactions and their meaning.

- Purring
A cat can spur when you pet it or when a vet is administering some shots to it. As such, purring does not always mean the cat is happy. Whenever your cat purrs, it means that it has become over-stimulated in a way.

- Brushing Equals to Cuddling
Whenever your cat rubs itself against your legs, this could indicate a couple of things. For starters it could be a form of begging or requesting that you pay it attention. This is common and if you lift the cat up and pet it, it cuddles close to you in a snuggly way. Secondly, rubbing could be a sign of marking you through use of its glands. This is one of the best forms of affection that a cat can display and it means you have its total devotion.

- The Tail
Cats use the tail for communication purposes. When it wags its tail, it can be an indicator of a couple of things. A simple wiggle as you serve dinner is an indication it is happy while a wagging tail whenever another animal gets into a room is an expression of anxiety. In order to understand the message your cat is projecting when it wiggles its tail, you have to see what is happening at that particular moment.

- Eyes and Ears
When your cat’s ears are pointed back and flattened, this is an indication it feels threatened and it can attack at any time. When the ears are alert, it is a sign its ready for fun while if they are flattened or sideways, it indicates curiosity. Cats use eyes to communicate with other cats and people. For instance, when the eyes are half closed it indicates sleepiness while intense stares are an indication of something unpleasant.