Choosing the Ideal Cat Breed

Both cats and dogs make good pets – perfect to liven up your kids. Kids easily bond with a pet cat because of their energetic attitudes. If you have plans of getting a cat for your kids but still cannot decide on the specific breed to choose, you may consider these five breed options:

Abyssinian cat. This is a shorthaired cat which is ideal for children who have allergies to cat’s fur. This breed has strong similarity to the Egyptian cat breed though it has no known history. The Abyssinian cat’s eyes are almond shaped and will make an ideal pet cat for little girls.

Persian or Himalayan cat. This is a good choice if your kids like long-haired cats. This specific breed likes to lie on one’s lap and be cuddled, so your kids would certainly love to keep this as their pet. These are indoor cats having great colors.

Briman cat. Cats that belong to this breed are known to have come from Burma, with fur that is silkier than the Persian variety.

Maine coon cat. This is a large domestic cat that belongs to the natural breeds of cat in North America. It is known for its friendly behaviors. The cat’s fur from this breed is thick so you have to remind your kids about maintaining proper grooming for these pets.

Ragdoll cat. The hair of cats from this breed is quite long which make them cuddlier and your kids would definitely love to have this particular breed in your home. Your kids will really get along with them because these cats are comfortable with human company.

With these options of five cat breeds, you would easily find one that is best for your children. Choose the one you think can best entertain your kids.