Cat Reactions and what they mean

Telling the exact feelings of a cat is not easy because they are good at hiding their emotions. Yet, getting to know what different actions mean can come in handy when dealing with your cat. To accomplish this end, you need to learn its body language and this is not as difficult as most people make it out to be. The following are some of the common reactions and their meaning.

- Purring

Is there a thing as a fussy cat?

There is no such thing as a fussy cat, just fussy owners that are un-knowingly creating their fussy pets. As the old saying goes like owner like pet!

Feeding will often show the true colours of an owner that provides there pet with too much fuss. When a cat turns his nose up at a meal, the question which usually first crosses ones mind is; what is wrong with the feed?

A Healthy Cat is a Well-Fed Cat

One of the first things your cat will learn is that you are the food guru. For that alone, your cat will give you a little more respect than everyone else. However, you also need to earn that respect by learning what foods are good for your cat and the proper nutrition required.

Cat Nutrition

Playing with Your Cats

Along with the proper nutrition, fiddling with your cat is a vital a part of keeping your cat work and lean. It conjointly helps in maintaining healthiness and also the special bond you each share.

Luckily, cats like to play! Providing opportunities for solo play is especially necessary for indoor cats, particularly if they pay abundant of the day alone.

Kittens and adult cats area unit each excited by identical kind of games, tho' kittens do not need an excellent deal of encouragement to induce started. Cat play is sort of entirely regarding simulating behavior related to looking.

Your Cats Ears

Have you ever suffered from any form of ear complaint? No? well, as someone who suffers quite regularly from ear problems, let me tell you how it feels.

When I was younger, I had an accident involving a piano – in my young age I suffered from a hearing trauma, which caused my ear drum to burst. It took weeks to repair and a course of various medicines. And I had limited hearing for a long time after that. It was so unpleasant, for many reasons. It stopped me from learning and understanding. I missed large parts of instructions.

Choosing the Ideal Cat Breed

Both cats and dogs make good pets – perfect to liven up your kids. Kids easily bond with a pet cat because of their energetic attitudes. If you have plans of getting a cat for your kids but still cannot decide on the specific breed to choose, you may consider these five breed options:

Abyssinian cat. This is a shorthaired cat which is ideal for children who have allergies to cat’s fur. This breed has strong similarity to the Egyptian cat breed though it has no known history. The Abyssinian cat’s eyes are almond shaped and will make an ideal pet cat for little girls.