Is there a thing as a fussy cat?

There is no such thing as a fussy cat, just fussy owners that are un-knowingly creating their fussy pets. As the old saying goes like owner like pet!

Feeding will often show the true colours of an owner that provides there pet with too much fuss. When a cat turns his nose up at a meal, the question which usually first crosses ones mind is; what is wrong with the feed?

The next question often seeks an alternative and when all else fails reverting back to the treats and succulent chicken seems like the only option for the starving animal.

The truth is the cat is not starving, simply over-indulged. A starving or even hungry pet will eat what is provided. It goes against nature to turn up a meal to the point of starvation, as similarly it goes against nature to pick the regular cat food over the delicious human food which is slipped into the bowl as nip bits or under the table as discards.

Those occasional treats that seem fairly innocent are actually creating a strong grounding for introducing poor behavioral habits. While owners are seeking a food that will satisfy there pets preferences there neglecting the bigger picture. Beggars can’t be choosers, it’s a harsh saying but in the case of your pet it’s the healthiest attitude.

Over-indulging a cat makes the regular food seem less appealing and when the cat chooses not to eat owner’s return to the fail-safe treats. Allowing the cat to reinforce its fussiness and full pelt into a downward cycle of poor health.

The only route back into a healthy diet and a life with out fuss is to be a less fussy owner that won’t fault at those puss in boots eyes, no matter how hard. The Royal Canin diet range do offer some tasty all round cat foods for those owners which simply can’t avoid a bit of fuss; Royal Canin Aromatic Attraction, Royal canin Protein Preference and Royal Canin Savour Sensation are a few which may help bring back a balance to those pets (or owners) which can’t avoid a bit of healthy indulgence.