Your Cats Ears

Have you ever suffered from any form of ear complaint? No? well, as someone who suffers quite regularly from ear problems, let me tell you how it feels.

When I was younger, I had an accident involving a piano – in my young age I suffered from a hearing trauma, which caused my ear drum to burst. It took weeks to repair and a course of various medicines. And I had limited hearing for a long time after that. It was so unpleasant, for many reasons. It stopped me from learning and understanding. I missed large parts of instructions.

And overall, the world just sounded different and I found it incredibly hard to concentrate because I couldn’t hear. 10 years on, I still have frequent hearing problems, with frequent ear infections, and a general loss of hearing. Some days I wake up and just can’t hear at all. This is all incredibly distressing and can sometime make it impossible to carry out my day to day experiences.

“But why are you telling me this” I hear you asking.

I wanted to tell you this in the hope that it will help you understand your pet better. You should understand that one case of trauma or badly dealt with infection can lead to many problems further down the line. And you should also understand how unpleasant it is to have such recurrent problems. Not being able to hear clearly can have a large impact on morale and happiness as it limits the world around you.

Fortunately, there are things you can do to prevent these problems before they can cause damage. There are many products out there that can be used to clean and maintain healthy ears, such as Canaural, CleanAural and Epi-Optic.

These products are great as they are specially formulated solutions with ingredients that can break down wax, pus, dried liquids, scabs and ooze to clear the ear canal, kill the bacteria that is causing the infection and generally clean the ear and strengthen the inner ear in the hope it will be better protected the next time something goes wrong.